Baby Talk Package

Digital consult only.

Personalised suggestions for your child will be emailed following our scheduled 2 hour video call conversation, enabling you to follow through suggestions made in your own home. Package ideal for children from birth until 3 years of age. 

Together we focus on:

  • Understanding normal development for your child's age,
  • Better interpretation of your child's cues and communication,
  • Lactation and feeding support,
  • Effective and gentle settling techniques,
  • Normal sleep development,
  • Healthy sleep hygiene, 
  • Setting realistic expectations,
  • Exploring and supporting individualised settling methods, 
  • Adjustment to parenting/ community resources,
  • Addressing any further parenting uncertainties 

Package includes unlimited daily support via email and/or phone for 2 weeks following our 2 hour video call consult. 

Please note that video call sessions are between 8.30am - 6.30PM, after hours consults are available for an additional cost. Please contact for pricing. 

The involvement of your partner and any further support person(s) is encouraged during our time working together. For any further questions please contact on 0434 602 016.


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