Let's do Coffee Package

Let's meet at a coffee shop and have a chat! It is ideal for a small group of parents with children under 2 years of age, offering support, guidance and education for approximately 1.5 hours. 

As a small group we focus on:

  • Understanding normal development for your child's age,
  • Interpreting of your child's cues and communication,
  • Focusing on healthy sleep hygiene,
  • Feeding advice (breastfeeding, bottle feeding and/or introduction or establishment of solids),
  • Exploring and supporting individualised settling methods,
  • Addressing your individual concerns and offering strategies to enable change, 
  • Education on safe sleep practice,
  • Safety in the home (including pets), and
  • Addressing any further parenting uncertainties

Minimum four (4) persons in attendance. Of course, children are welcome (and free). Co-parent and/or support person also encouraged to be present. Plus two (2) complimentary emails, to address further questions or concerns. This can be used within the first three weeks following our session. Coffee shop location is discussed prior to booking. 

TOTAL $50/person. Children in attendance are no additional fee. 

For interest, please complete the enquiry form on the CONTACT page 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: You can book virtually if preferred. Simple requirement - download the app ZOOM CLOUD MEETINGS.