About Me

Hello there,

I'd love to share my personal story with you. I have been a midwife for almost 10 years. I practice in both birthing suite and the postnatal ward at a Melbourne based hospital. As of last year, I have joined an obstetric practice as one of their midwives. Midwifery has given me the extraordinary opportunity to support families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. 

I am also a labour and birth and postnatal and early parenting educator. Education gives me a sense of purpose and aim to ignite confidence in parents.

Following the birth of our son, I wanted to expand my knowledge and understanding around early childhood sleep and normal development. I have since furthered my studies to become a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant and Newborn Behavioural Observation (NBO) practitioner.

Children are competent, individual and social people, even from birth. My aim while working together is to better understand your child's capabilities, which in turn will help strengthen the bond between parent and child.

I look forward to working with you, in what is an incredible journey.

With love,
Cara x