My Philosophy

Hello there,

Cara Mendes offers holistic and nurturing support packages in-home or digitally. Evidence based information includes the interpretation of your newborn's normal behaviour and communication, lactation and feeding support, sleep and settling advice until 3 years of age and any further general parenting uncertainties.

While working together we will better understand your child's capabilities and how they communicate with the world around them. This in turn will help tend to their developmental needs.

I work with you. I acknowledge and respect your role as the parent. As no two children are alike, I develop personalised suggestions based on your child's age, needs and temperament, your parenting style and any other family dynamics that need to be taken into consideration.

Please note that if wanting to explore alternative settling methods for infant sleep concerns, this will be of gentle nature and always attentive to your child's needs. SIDS safe sleeping guidelines are priority and I work with parents to create a safe environment that is conducive to sleep, day and night. I aim to provide sustainable advice and empower confidence in new parents.

With love,

Cara x