Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cara Mendes based?

Melbourne based and happily covering areas up to 40km from CBD. Travel 15km or less from CBD are free of any additional charges. Travel 16km or more incur an additional $35 fee. For further information on travel fees please contact

What settling methods are used by Cara Mendes? Settling methods are always responsive to your child's needs and your chosen settling techniques will be dependant on a variety of factors; such as, your child's temperament, age and your parenting values. Some settling methods, offer small amount of space of your child while other approaches provide more tactile soothing and parental presence. 
When is 'sleeping through the night' achieved? This is dependant on your individual child. Literature suggests most babies 'sleep through the night' between 6-12 months of age. During our initial conversation we will discuss realistic expectations for your child.   
While working together will your baby 'cry'?

Perhaps. As no children are alike, babies respond to things differently. Crying is a normal behavioural response, however if some crying is present we will always be responsive to your child’s needs.

Do we proceed with the consultation if your child is sick?
No. For the best interest of the child it is recommended they be in good health. The consultation will be paused temporarily if this were to occur. It is also recommended that prior to following advice by Cara Mendes, consult your general practitioner or paediatrician.
Do parents have to be home during a consultation?
Yes. It is an expectation that one or both parents are home during the entire home consult.
How long until we see changes?
This is dependant on your child's age and having the understanding of what is expected for your child. A clear outline will be discussed as to what to expect for your child, this can vary from a few days to a couple of months before we see significant change you are wanting.  
Are discounts offered if you have used Cara Mendes services in the past? Absolutely. Please contact for further information.
How is payment received?
All payments are made via bank transfer. Full payment is kindly asked to be paid by day of first home visit or video call. For further questions regarding payment please contact
Are payments refundable?
Unfortunately due to the nature of the support services refunds are not offered.