Parent Feedback

Cara has been incredible to work with. We contacted Cara for help with our 6 month old daughter's catnapping during the day. Not only was Cara amazingly knowledgeable and helpful in assisting us to teach Harper to link cycles, but Cara was also able to help us to extend Harper's night sleeping and change her feeding and overall routine to make the days seem a little more consistent for Harper. The 2 weeks with Cara went so fast yet felt like we achieved so much. Thank you! 

Mother to Harper, 6 months, October, 2020. 


“We invited Cara into our lives when bub was waking 40min-2 hourly overnight and cat napping since birth. We were exhausted. Cara was so sensitive to our and bubs needs so gentle in her approach. She recognised bub liked cuddles so picking up bub was part of our plan. Even when I was low and didn't think it would work Cara took extra time and energy with us to reassure us and review how we were going. Bub has got a tooth and began crawling in our 3 week journey and still was able to learn to sleep. Thank you Cara you have made a happy household again”.
Mother to 6 month old girl, October, 2020. 


I have a beautiful almost eleven month old baby girl. She was such a good routine sleeper and eater during the day but was still sleeping on me (contact sleeping) for both her naps. She drinks all her milk now and eats three meals a day. Despite a perfect day our nights we’re much different. She was waking at least 5-7 times a night every night. She was not easy to settle as she was a reflux baby. I tired most of everything myself as best as I could before deciding that we both needed a little help. I contacted Cara and she replied straight away. I was as honest as I could be and she got back to me and we started with a plan. As she is a reflux baby I was finding it hard to leave her and control cry as I had tried this many times and every time i did she would vomit. I advised Cara of this and she was amazing and very helpful. She sent me a plan to follow and advised she would be in contact with me. She followed up and made sure I was ok. She made sure that the plan sent was suited to not only my daughter but also me. It was a gentle approach. I followed it as best I could and after a week or two my baby girl was finally sleeping through the night with only one wake up on the odd occasion. I wish I had done it sooner.
My baby girl not only eats better during the day now but I have found since she has been sleeping better at night and in her own cot she also wants to sleep alone during the day which is amazing as I get time for myself to do what is needed. Thanks to Cara for helping me with not only changing my life but also my husband life as he works and it was hard for him to sleep through the crying when she was waking all night.
Mother of 11 month girl, September, 2020.


Working with Cara was the best decision we have made. Cara was non judgemental, caring and proactive and she put together a plan that was not only effective, but enjoyable. Our toddler Sasha, refused bedtime every night I would have to lay with her for upwards of 3 hours every night before she would finally lose the fight and go to sleep. If I am honest, I didn't think a 2 week programme would be enough, but it was. Within a few days of the program, we were already seeing the positive changes. By the end of the 2 weeks, we have a completely content little girl. Thank you Cara, for giving us back so many hours of a night time and adding the fun back into bedtime.
Mother of Sasha, 2.5 years, September, 2020. 


We were recommended Cara through my mother’s group and I’m so glad we were. From the first phone call Cara made us feel at ease and that we would be able to make progress helping our twins sleep better during the day. The in home visit was invaluable, where Cara listened to us and gave us insight into how our two little ones, with completely different personalities, were giving different tired signs. Together we made little goals that worked for us. The daily texts were so helpful when situations got too much or we felt confused. We have made so much progress just in two weeks with Cara’s support and feel much better equiped to tackle the next sleep challenges which may arise. Thank you, Cara, you’ve improved our sleep journey in such a short space of time and we have really enjoyed working with you.
Ev, twins 4 months - July, 2020

Thank you so much Cara, you have been a great help and always. 

Sonia, Miles 10 months - June, 2020


Thanks so much for all your help over the past few weeks, it has made such a big difference!

Natasha, Portia 4 months and Andreas 18 months - June, 2020


We just wanted to say a very big thank your for your support over the two weeks.  We came to you very stressed and unsure about our beautiful little girls sleep and how to help resettle her during the day to help her learn to extend her naps. It was taking over our days, and distracting from enjoying the awake times. Right from the start we felt listened to and you were flexible in your approach to match what we were comfortable with. The daily check ins were invaluable to ask questions and provided us the reassurance we needed to stay consistent. Whilst her sleep isn’t perfect we feel confident in our approach to support her and are extremely grateful for all your time. Thanks again.

Britt and Justin, Pearl 4 months - May, 2020

Hi Cara
Hope you've been well.
I just thought I'd let you know we have moved Valerie to her own room and she has been sleeping on her own from 6:30pm - 7:00am and settling herself in between all by herself (without the bum patting). We finally got there thanks to all of your help. I still pinch myself and feel like it was meant to be that we came to your birth and labour class. I can't thank you enough once again. Xx

Evelyn and family, 6 months - May, 2020


“What can I say Cara but thank you. We are so grateful for your advice and support. I always felt my MANY questions were welcomed and listened to. I feel confident moving forward”.

Caroline and family, 6 months - May, 2020 


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help, support and guidance over the last two weeks, not just with the sleeping but also solids, etc. This has been a massive change for the 3 of us! I never thought I’d get a full nights sleep again but thanks to your guidance, Christian is now sleeping as he should. You have been so helpful and I’m going to miss the daily support! I would highly and gladly recommend you to anyone I know. Thanks again! Nat, Andrew & Christian. 

Christian, 12 months - May, 2020


"I wanted to thank you so much for all of your support and guidance over the past 3 weeks. You’ve not only assisted us in getting Valerie into a better routine, I’ve also seen a change in Valerie’s behaviour which has been so positive. You provided advice, guidance and structure around her little world and made me feel confident and capable as a first time mum. Don’t know what I would’ve done without all your assistance daily. Thank you once again! 

Evelyn, Anthony and Valerie, 4 months - April, 2020


"Hi Cara, 

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support and assistance over the last 3 weeks to get us to where we are today with Kingston. When we first started I didn't think I could ever get to the point where he would sleep on his own in his cot for his naps and bedtime let alone have him sleep through the night! Your reassurance and guidance (especially during those hard days early on) were what helped me continue to be persistant and consistant hoping for the results you said would come. Whilst not every day is perfect you have helped us change the dynamic at home. We're all sleeping much better, I have found time for myself again and Kingston is in a great routine! 

Can't thank you enough! Leila" 

Kingston, 5 months - April, 2020


“The wonderful Cara came to visit us when we were having trouble settling our 3 week old baby. We were having difficulty focusing on trying to get her to sleep while also looking after our three year old. Cara gave us lots of really useful tips to help make the feeding and settling process more manageable and above all she made me feel much more confident and relaxed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs some expert guidance or even just some reassurance when it comes to settling a baby!

Baby girl, 3 weeks - February,  2020


"Thank you for offering us the support we needed for our little girl. I was very sceptical of the whole idea of "sleep training" but your approach has nothing to do with what I imagined. At all times, I felt our daughter was given the comfort she needed (and we needed) and is now sleeping well. Thank you. We are very grateful.

Anabel, 8 months  - February, 2020


“Thank you Cara. We are so grateful for your knowledge, patience and support. Finally… we are all sleeping a dream ”

Erin and family, 6 months - December, 2019


“Three weeks ago I was CO-sleeping, or as I called it, CO-laying. Breastfeeding to sleep, 2hourly wake ups overnight if I was lucky. Sometimes we would day nap, sometimes we would cat nap, sometimes we would not nap. 

My goals? Baby in cot, our evenings back (because we had a serial night time Witcher until 10pm), and most importantly my sanity.
You ticked all those boxes and more, including a happier bubs!! (and he was already a happy go lucky baby)

I know I found it hard, and asked thousands of questions. What you did that a guide can’t do, is the support, understanding and empathy to help us through it all. We are sleep-indebted to you. We have a happier baby. We can tell when he’s actually in pain, teething, sick, going through a leap/milestone/growth because he’s not “always” overtired.

We’re still perfecting his sleep and settling. We’ve achieved more than we thought possible in 3 weeks, and with your “rule book” (i say this loosely) and “contingency plans” were sure we’ll get him waking up at a more age appropriate time.

Thank you again.
We have appreciated everything. Jade ”

Jade and Family, 7 months - November, 2019


“We are very happy with the support your offered, your guidance and advice has been invaluable to us. Your professionalism and response to all my questions and let’s be honest… there was a few of them, was well noted and just so appreciated. Regards, Sonia "

Miles, 3 months - November, 2019


“Things are going well. He is sleeping through the night, with only the 11PM feed. Thank you so much ”

My and Family, 9 months - October, 2019


“We are so grateful for your support and advice. Finally having a little more routine and rhythm to our day and night "

Charlie, 5 months - October, 2019


“Cara, thank you so much for your care with our daughter. Having no experience with newborns we were completely overwhelmed with that to do after she was born. Thank you for building our confidence with Ange. I’m grateful for your help identifying her cries, play ideas and effective settling techniques for her. I’m finding that your suggestions she is now feeding because she is sleeping better. Just to let you know that she was so chatty today. It was so beautiful. Regards, Sarah ”

Angelina, 8 weeks - September, 2019


“Absolute pleasure working with Cara. She has the ability to be very clear in delivering her advice. We put the work in and saw changes within days. Couldn’t recommend enough”

Arthur, 6 months - September, 2019


“ I’ve always been a firm believer for settling good sleep foundations early on even though it may have been so hard and you defiantly helped us tremendously, Very happy to refer anyone and everyone your way! ”

Emma, 3 months - September, 2019


“Thank you for your help today. We felt so supported. I feel so reassured in that we made the right decision in asking for help with Lachie’s bedtime antics! He has gone down easily tonight and I am enjoying my cuppa! "

Lachlan, 13 months - August, 2019


“Thank you for all your help. We are so happy with Arlo’s progress. We feel really confident moving forward”

Arlo, 6 months - August, 2019


“We’re so grateful for the help you have given us, and the amazing results the four of us have been able to achieve… Thanks Cara! We know lots of people with younguns, and even more on the way, we’ll be singing your praises to everyone" 

Alex and Family, 7 months - August, 2019


“Thank you do much Cara for supporting us with our son. We are so grateful for your knowledge. You clearly love what you do. You were so gentle and attentive to George. We only wish your services were available for our other child 2 years old. Thanks, Lydia ”

George, 8 weeks - June, 2019


“Cara, I received Ava’s sleep plan last night and it is amazing!!! I’ve had a look through and thank you for including info for when Ava gets older and what to expect after 18 months. Love the nutrition info too. Thank you! Speak to you tomorrow. Btw Ava slept 1 hour and 30 mins at lunchtime nap today with no resettling. Fingers crossed for tonight ”

Ava, 15 months - June, 2019


“ Thank you so much for helping us. With Sophie waking 4-6 times overnight and catnapping during the day, I can happily say she is finally sleeping through the night, with little resettling during the day. Thank you for giving me the techniques to help Sophie self-settle and to help build my confidence around sleep and routine. You have been a wonderful support and we are so grateful for your knowledge and kindness. Will definitely be passing on your details Cara. Have the best day. Mady x ”

Sophie, 13 months - May, 2019


“For anyone with limited family support after having a baby contact Cara. Unfortunately my family live overseas and I had very little support when Lola was born. My husband and I had no experience with newborns and were extremely overwhelmed once we got home. A friend recommended Cara and we are now so grateful. Thank you for your understanding and patience with us. Thank you for teaching us settling techniques that worked really well for Lola ”

Emma, 6 weeks - May, 2019


“Thank you so much for your help, Thank you for respecting our parenting style and showing us a gentle approach when addressing Louis’ sleep. We are so happy, we are finally getting the sleep we need. Kate" 

Louis, 12 months - May, 2019


“Thank you again Cara for your assistance as I was at a point of tiredness and frustration. Upon following your plan I noticed within a few says how much happier my son became, more vocal, more active and hungrier!! He now settled easy into his bedtime naps and sleep. We are in a very good place now… In just two weeks!! ”

Liam, 9 months - April, 2019


“Thank you so much Cara. I was completely satisfied with the service we received. You delivered a very well balanced approach were I felt supported, but not pushed. The information you shared made sense and was easy to follow. I needed a very easy-to-follow yet detailed ‘rule book’ and you were able to provide that to me, with further clarification when needed. I particularly appreciated the ‘back up plans’ when everything didn’t go to plan ”

Elke, 7 months - April, 2019